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When it comes to advanced riding there is only one system of control , there are however different testing body's

We have our own advanced wing of instructors who run under our Rapid Advanced Training banner or RAT for short. Many of which have operational experience as Police motorcyclists.

we have a whole suite of post test training course some in conjunction with Essex police bikesafe scheme

The RoSPA advanced riding test is regarded as the most comprehensive and challenging available to the public. The examiners are current or retired Police Advanced Certificate holders and many are or have been Instructors. They will grade your ride and complete a written report on your performance. A 'RoSPA Gold' is one of the highest civilian riding standard available. Bronze and Silver passes are also commendable achievements.

I.A.M (institute of advanced motorcyclists)

Offer a test based on pass or fail basis

Other benefits of tuition
Research indicates that advanced riders are 20% less likely to be involved in an accident. Apart from being safer on the road, you can also gain from:

* lowering your insurance premiums
* reduced levels of stress
* improved fuel consumption
* less wear and tear on your bike

And that's not all - often overlooked reasons for taking the test are the challenge, pride, sense of achievement and the confidence to be able to ride your machine to its safe limits. Advanced riding is about safety, skill and enjoyment; it's not about stress and speed.

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ERS (Enhanced Rider Scheme)

The ERS is a Government approved scheme implemented by the Driving Standards Agency .

  • trouble keeping up
  • struggle with bends
  • Had a near miss
  • ever lost control

why not book in for a course of Advanced Motorcycle Training from a couple of hours to a full day.

Ride some of the best roads in Suffolk, Norfolk and Essex while being taught Advanced Riding Techniques with a highly qualified & experienced RoSPA Dip Qualified Instructor.

All instruction will be given by a IAM, RoSPA Gold Rider, Diploma holder and DSA RPMT with 25 years instructional and motorcycle experience using top of the range radios. Advanced motorcycle training will not only make you a safer rider, but should increase your average speed, reduce wear & tear on your bike, improve your MPG and you will arrive at your destination feeling less fatigued.

Your Advanced Motorcycle Training will be 95% practical with most tuition taking place on the open road.

You will be taught The Police Roadcraft System which is widely accepted as the best known system in the world and is used by both RoSPA & the IAM.

For ERS no test needs to be taken, its a continual assessment. If your initial standard is excellent you could receive your ERS Certificate at the end of one session. If there are any week points these will be worked on until the standard is met in all areas.



Back to Biking / Rusty Rider training will consist of the following elements:

  • A brief discussion on past riding experience
  • Slow speed skills on the off road training area
  • Off road training will continue until the student has reached a safe standard and is confident with their own ability
  • Brief discussion of system along with any other any areas of concern
  • Out on the road in full radio contact
  • Brief discussion on observed strengths and weakness and further training requirements if needed.





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