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There are four basic steps to obtaining your full licence.



Advanced Motorcycling and testing


Licence's now come in different groups depending on age , there is no automatic upgrade

what can i ride ?


CBT ( Colchester & Ipswich only) next cbt dates and deals click here CBT from 75.00


Considering taking a CBT course? Excel offers flexible courses tailored to suit your needs.

Novice course or a more progressive refresher course.

CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) (AM,A,A1,A2)

This is a requirement of Law you must take cbt before riding on the road.

CBT offers an opportunity to learn important core skills which will make your riding safer and improve your general control over the machine, helping you deal with road traffic conditions it’s a valuable building block for any further training.

cbt comprises of 5 basic Elements: No written tests!

  • introduction and eyesight check
  • practical on-site training
  • practical on-site riding
  • practical on-road training
  • practical on-road riding

You’ll move from one element to the next when your trainer is satisfied hat you :

Understand the Element

shown the practical skills to a safe basic level

Have archived the learning outcome


Eye sight 20.5m 67ft ( You can write down what you see if you can’t speak English or have difficulty reading)

You need no prior Knowledge of motorcycling for CBT in fact often the less you know the better!

You don't even need to own a motorcycle or motorcycle clothing as we have our own fleet of hire machines and safety clothing for you to use.

If you do want to use your bike many dealers will deliver straight to us, but remember you can't ride the bike there.

CBT normally takes a day to complete but sometimes can take longer depending on individual needs, there's no rush and the course progresses at the pace of the student.

If you don’t reach the required standard in one day we just pick it up where we left off.
We offer Cbt 7 days a week.

If you’re not sure if its for you come down for a free taster just to boost your confidence , no charge and a cup of tea!

Once you have completed CBT you will be issued a certificate (DL196) which is valid for 2 years.

This enables you to ride on the road for two years displaying L-plates or if you wish progress to the next step. At the end of the two year period if you have not taken a full test you MUST retake CBT before continuing to ride on the road.

If you take a full motorcycle or moped test within the two years the CBT become obsolete.

Car driving test passed before 1 February 2001

You don’t need to take compulsory basic training (CBT) to ride a moped (50c)if you passed your car driving test before 1 February 2001. You’ll still need to complete CBT to ride a motorbike (over 50cc), we would recommend the training regardless

Car driving test passed on or after 1 February 2001

You need to take CBT to ride a moped if you passed your car driving test on or after 1 February 2001.However, you won’t need to take further theory and practical tests or take CBT again.

Watch the CBT video...click here

Everybody who want to ride a motorcycle on the road Must complete CBT even if you drive a car.

for pre scheduled CBT dates and offers click here or email us your date

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Module 1 (am A2 A1 A ) click here for prices or here for dates

Module 1 is an off road test of about 20 min's, we simply take the skills you learnt on CBT
enhance them throwing in some new ones on the way!
These specified maneuvers are:( pdf of layout)

On & off the stand
Wheel the machine
Figure of eight ride
Slow ride
U turn
Circuit ride
Hazard avoidance

Full training is given before the test. You cannot proceed to module two until mod1 is completed

Watch the module one here....click here

Please the PDF symbol to download the Document with more information
Please click the PDF symbol to download the Document with more information



Clothing for training and test

  • a motorcycle helmet that meets European safety standards (this doesn't’t apply if you’re Sikh and wearing a turban)
  • motorcycle boots or other sturdy footwear that provides support and ankle protection
  • textile or leather motorcycle trousers or heavy denim trousers
  • a textile or leather motorcycle jacket or a heavy denim jacket with several layers underneath
  • motorcycle gloves

Email us or call to book a module 1 course

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Module 2 (AM A1 A2 A ) Click here for prices or here for dates .... Watch mod2 video

What is a Module 2 ?

Module 2 is the on-road module and normally takes about 40 minutes.

Module 2 includes:

  • An eyesight test 20.5m 67ft
  • Safety questions,
  • Road riding

Road riding

You’ll ride in a variety of road and traffic conditions

The examiner will give you directions using a radio. They will normally follow you on a motorcycle or car

You’ll have about 10 minutes of independent riding . This is designed to assess your ability to ride safely while making your own decisions

At Excel Motorcycle Training we tailor our training to meet your needs. The number of lessons required varies from person to person, but is usually around 12 hours. As we book by the day or hour - we can ensure you only pay for the instruction you need.

The maximum ratio of students to instructors is 2:1, although one-to-one instruction can be requested.


Email us or call to book a module 2 course

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Theory test

You will need to take a theory test before taking your practical tests (Mod 1 Mod2). You will not need to take a theory test if you already hold a full licence for another category (Am A1 A2) or have passed a moped test since 1 July 1996.

The theory test Certificate is valid for 2 years and the practical test Must be taken within this period otherwise the theory test will have to be taken again. 

The test is based on many different aspects of motorcycling not just the Highway Code.

The theory test is two parts:

* Part One - You have to answer 50 multiple choice questions you must get 43 correct within 57 minutes

* Part Two - (Hazard Awareness) You are shown 15 short video sections containing hazards the quicker you spot the hazard the more points you score. 

The whole thing is computer based and easy to use. There are headphones provided so the questions can be presented audibly for anyone with reading difficulties. If you book with us we will give you access to our vast library of learning aids CD-ROMs and videos along with on line help and support.

Theory test centres

  • Colchester
  • Chelmsford
  • Bury StEdmunds
  • Ipswich


Advanced or post test tuition

We offer many post test courses DiA ,Rospa,IAM along with some refreshers, upgrade or core skill enhancement days why not call today and have a chat




We will teach you the skills required to become a confident, competent and responsible rider.

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